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Are you a content producer who isn’t able to get internet famous on YouTube? Do you have trouble gaining views, likes, and most of all, subscribers in the UK? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, read on!We are offering a one of a kind service in the UK. We are a one-stop-shop for all your social media metric needs.Our range of services is vast and includes many things. You can buy YouTube watch hours from us, YouTube likes from us among a host of other services. The service we’re going to focus on today is YouTube subscribers in the UK.

There are many advantages of having a high subscriber count on YouTube but before we get to that, let’s talk about what having subscribers means for you as a content creator.

Whenever someone subscribes to a YouTube channel, they are enlisting themselves to get your videos in their home feed, i.e. the homepage. This way, whenever they open the YouTube homepage on the web, mobile, or through the app, your videos appear on the homepage.

A user chooses to subscribe to your channel when they are specifically fond of your content, when they appreciate your content and recognize your channel as a source of valuable information. Simply put, it is an indication of high content value.

Now, the advantages of a high subscriber count. As mentioned above, a high subscriber count means that users perceive your content to be of high value. This acts as an attraction for new people who come to one of your videos, which can eventually lead to an organic increase in your channel’s stats.

We have talked about some of the questions that might arise in your mind before taking us up on our offer in detail below. If you’d prefer to have a short version, skip right below to the FAQs, wherein we’ve tried our best to address the most common of queries in the shortest way possible!

So, without any further ado, here’s the answer to most of your questions. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further queries!

Why should you buy YouTube subscribers?

Put together with likes and views, YouTube subscribers make up the most important group of metrics of goodwill for your channel.

You need a minimum of 1000 subscribers to meet the requirements for YouTube’s Partner Program. This is the monetization program of YouTube that is integrated with Google’s Adsense service. Once you enlist in the Partner Program, you can start to monetize your channel and start earning money from your videos.

However, it isn’t easy to gain subscribers. You have to go through a lot of efforts to set yourself on the right path to gaining subscribers on YouTube and even if you put in the absolute best of your efforts into the production of your content, you might not get the required number of subscribers on your channel.

This can be due to a number of factors, such as improper marketing, bad PR, or uploading videos without a proper plan or scheme. When these factors come into play and you are left deprived of the subscribers your videos truly deserve, you might end up being demotivated; this is what we aim to counter!

Buying YouTube subscribers has a load of inherent advantages for you and your channel. When you buy subscribers, you can get extra motivation by seeing the high subscriber count on your channel and be pushed to create content that aligns with the high number of subscribers present on your channel.

This is further paired with the fact that buying YouTube subscribers can lead to the organic growth of your channel as well. Whenever someone opens any of your videos and see that you have a high subscriber count, the likelihood of them perceiving you as an authority and subscribing to your channel increase a lot.

This is due to the concept of “social proof”, which dictates that users feel more comfortable subscribing to channels that already have a high subscriber count. The feeling of trust that arises due to an existing figure of high subscribers can go a long way in helping you build a community of loyal followers.

With this kind of reaction from users, you are almost bound to get nice figures of organic growth, with more watch hours, more views and more likes, etc.

How can buying YouTube subscribers help your channel?

There are several advantages of buying subscribers. As mentioned above, it motivates you to create good content and also lets you achieve organic growth down the line, which is the ultimate objective.

We strive to create an atmosphere of growth around your YouTube channel and we achieve that atmosphere using our services. Organic growth can mean many things; you might get more subscribers, more views, more watch hours, etc.

The idea of social proof is elemental in this process as it helps bring in users towards your channel and attracts them towards your content. When a user sees a high subscriber count, they think of you as a knowledgeable channel which posts valuable content.

As a result, they might subscribe to your channel themselves, go and check out other videos that you have posted among a host of other activities that might not have been possible if they hadn’t seen the high subscriber count already present on your channel.

Once you have this kind of growth, you can be assured that whatever content you post in the future will be available to a vast number of people who enjoy your content.

This can help YouTube’s algorithm and push them to rank your videos higher up in search engine results pages. When you have a high ranking for a specific set of keywords, you’re automatically thought of as a thought leader and authority in that niche!

Down the line, this can help a lot in your journey of meeting the YouTube Partner Program’s requirements if you’re starting on the platform or for you to achieve the coveted silver or gold button from YouTube; the stars are the limits!

Is it safe to buy YouTube subscribers?

This is a question that is raised a lot of times by our valuable customers; is it safe to buy YouTube subscribers? Absolutely, yes it is!

YouTube has no rule against the purchase of YouTube subscribers, especially when it’s actual users we’re talking about! Unlike most of our competitors, we do not offer bots; we have actual user profiles that subscribe to your channel and watch your videos.

This lets YouTube know that your content is being liked by users and as we wrote above, encourages them to promote your videos to a higher search ranking.

Furthermore, our service lets you customize when you get the followers according to your preference. We can slow the process down to make the rise in subscribers seem entirely, truly organic so that your existing subscribers don’t get spooked by a sudden rise in fame.

You can be at ease that buying subscribers is not against YouTube’s terms of service. The accounts we supply are genuine profiles who not only subscribe to your channel but actively watch your videos as well.

By any chance, if you notice a drop in your subscriber count, we will happily refill it without any additional charge! Your satisfaction is of utmost priority!

Why should you buy YouTube subscribers from us?

There are several reasons why you should choose us over our competitors. For starters, we care about your growth and aren’t solely interested in you becoming a customer. As you’ll see below, we’ve also talked about what you should do to ensure organic growth in the long run.

With that dealt with, we believe the best reason for you to choose us is because of the quality and range of services we offer. We have solutions for every one of your social media marketing needs and even if we just take YouTube, you can buy views, watch hours, likes and comments, etc. from us. We are a one-stop-shop!

This is further complemented by the fact that we use genuine profiles to fulfill orders. Unlike our competitors who use bots and largely inactive profiles to subscribe to your channel, putting your channel at risk of getting penalized by YouTube as a result, we make sure that the profiles we supply to your profile are verified.

Then comes other factors such as the liberty to customize your package and choose several things, such as when to get the order delivered, etc. It is very important to make the rise in subscribers look natural, not because of any risk of YouTube’s policy getting violated, but because of the fear of existing subscribers getting spooked.

If your channel takes a sudden jump in subscribers, people who have already subscribed to your channel might get suspicious and end up unsubscribing owing to the possibility of you buying subscribers for your channel. It is the general mindset that says things like buying subscribers is illegal or immoral, wherein it isn’t.

We would like to reiterate that we offer our services as a means of getting your channel on the right path. As always, there is no shortcut to utter success; there are only helping factors! We’ve emphasized this time and again that through our services, you can achieve organic growth in the long run, which is our main goal.

When will you get the subscribers in your channel

This depends entirely on you. The system we have in place lets you have complete control over when and how the subscribers get to your channel.

As a rule of thumb, it can take up to 24 hours for our systems to verify your payment and to start processing your order. The procedure that follows after payment has been confirmed is talked about below.

If you want, we can send them in within a day. But as we said before, that can have a negative impact on your existing subscribers as it reinforces the idea that you did something immoral.

This is why we normally recommend sending between 50-100 subscribers daily. This makes sure that the process is seamless and seems completely genuine to existing subscribers.

When you fill out the order form, you can choose the delivery time for your channel and that’s it, we’ll manage the rest!

Can you seem like an authority after buying YouTube subscribers?

While being an authority in a niche is something that can take a lot of time and effort, our services help you in your journey significantly. Your position as a complete authority is influenced by many factors, such as the practicality of your content, the quality, what people have been saying about you, etc.

Buying YouTube subscribers is meant to be a stepping stone, not a leap! When an increased number of users flock to your channel after our supply is complete, they are likely to subscribe to your channel thanks to the concept of social proof.

In itself, this essentially means that they think of you as a valid source of information, which is one of the most important steps in establishing yourself as an actual subject authority.

Down the line, when you regularly post valuable content that is increasingly liked by users, only then can you truly establish yourself as an authority.

We have talked about the steps that need to be taken after our service is complete to ensure that your channel continues on its trend of organic growth, so read on!

Does a high subscriber count help your rankings?

There are no hard and fast criteria that layout the method of determining YouTube rankings. YouTube’s team has not unveiled any specific list of requirements that a channel or a video needs to rank higher up in search engine results nor has any expert been able to give out any confirmed criteria.

However, industry leaders have been able to devise a general guideline about the factors that YouTube considers while choosing how to rank videos. Metrics like watch hours, video views, channel hits, subscribers, etc. hold a very important role in the process of helping YouTube determine the QUALITY of content that goes on to a channel.

The primary focus of YouTube as a search engine is to make sure that their users are shown accurate results for their queries. Giving users results based on the solutions to their queries is of utmost priority and rightfully so. Question is, with over 300 hours of content being uploaded on the platform every minute, how does YouTube gauge and decide which videos get higher search rankings?

This is where the factors we laid out above come into play. The more valuable YouTube perceives your content to be, the higher it will be in search rankings.

Metrics such as views, watch time and subscribers help YouTube measure your content’s value; the more, the merrier.

What if the subscriber count suddenly falls?

Although this is something very unlikely owing to our confidence in our profiles, if by any means it does happen, we offer you the service of filling up the lost subscribers without any extra cost.

We realize that YouTube’s algorithm might accidentally flag some profiles or mistakenly remove some subscribers from your profile, after all, you never know when the technology might falter, right?

To save you from the stress of losing subscribers and to ensure you get full value for your money, we will recharge your channel with the lost amount of subscribers to make up for the loss.

Do note, however, that you forfeit this right of service if you choose another provider to supply you with subscribers at the same time as us. This is because we refuse to take responsibility for the services of any other firm, something we’re sure you’ll understand.

We are forced to do this because you cannot see whether the subscribers lost were from the subscribers we supplied you with or from the ones the other firm gave you. In such a case, compensating for the loss of subscribers is simply not possible.

How can you buy YouTube subscribers

We have tried to make the process as easy as possible for our users. We don’t ask you to get in excessive formalities, nor do we ask you to fill long forms. Most importantly, we do not ask you for the login credentials of your account and we’d highly recommend you to be wary of ANY provider who does!

When you’re on our site, this is what you have to do:

  • Give us the URL of your channel
  • Choose the number of subscribers you want
  • Specify how you want them to be delivered, i.e. whether you want them in a short period or you want us to spread them over some time to add that extra whiff of authenticity
  • Pay for the package you have chosen

Voila, that’s it! Now sit back, relax, and let us get to work! Just keep in mind that it can take us up to 24 hours to verify your payment. Once that is done and dealt with, you’ll start seeing the rise in your subscribers just the way you want to!

How can you pay for our service

To accommodate our customers in the best manner possible, we have the two most mainstream payment options available on our site. You can pay using PayPal or your credit card or debit card, etc.

We have partnered up with the very best of payment processors in the UK to process your credit card information. The entire process is warranted by 3DS, i.e. 3D Secure. None of your financial information ever goes to us or anybody else, so you can be at ease while ordering from us!


What can you do after purchasing YouTube subscribers to ensure organic growth in the long run

We’re doing this so that you can be aware of what needs to be done to ensure that the organic growth we’ve been talking about actually occurs. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your channel achieves organic growth after you’ve bought subscribers from us, which include:

  1. Posting relevant, valuable content for the users. At the end of the day, your content reigns supreme in your efforts to rake in more views, more watch hours, etc.
    When your content is good and your channel has been optimized for value thanks to our suite of services, you’re bound to see organic growth on your channel. This is an actual guarantee; that’s how confident we are!
  2. Be sure to use relevant tags in your videos’ descriptions so that users can search up your videos according to the tags as well
  3. Use relevant keywords in the title of the video so that your chances of showing up in search engine results increase
  4. Be consistent in your uploads and research things like when to upload videos so that your views are maximized

Okay so, with the details dealt with, here is the most important set of questions regarding our service in the form of FAQs.


  • Is it safe to buy YouTube subscribers?

Yes, it is. None of YouTube’s terms of services contain anything against the purchase of subscribers. Besides, the profiles we give are actual, genuine user accounts.

  • When will I get the subscribers on our channel?

Depends on you. You can choose and customize the delivery time yourself. We normally advise our customers to go with the standard 50-100 subscribers in a day method so that the growth looks authentic and real to existing subscribers.

  • Why should I buy YouTube subscribers?

It is an easy fix and a stepping stone towards establishing yourself as an authority. It helps you achieve organic growth through the concept of social proof.

  • How can I pay for the services?

You can pay for our services through PayPal or credit card using a 3D Secure platform. Your payment information is secure and does not reach us at any point whatsoever.

  • Does it help in organic growth?

Yes, it does. Users see the high subscriber count whenever they open any one of your videos, which might entice them to subscribe to your channel and to check out other videos posted by you, eventually leading to organic growth.

  • Can it help me make famous?

There is no definite formula for fame. We can guarantee, however, that our service will set you on the right path to it!

  • What if my subscriber count falls after the purchase?

If this happens, we will refill the lost subscriber count without any additional charge.


So, what are you waiting for! Order subscribers for your channel now!

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